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At first sight, a lot of casinos show close resemblance, while those who dig deeper will find essential differences. That is what we do at We compare different casinos and look for the most interesting bonuses, the best games, and the best conditions. In addition, we offer handy guides that help you on your way through the various online casinos to increase your gaming pleasure and odds.

Sadly enough, we know all too well that the online casino market is very popular with cybercriminals. That's why we try to advise you on which casinos are legal and which are rogue casinos. Even more: when we identify unfair practices or scams, we immediately take action to ensure that the gaming website is directly blacklisted. We put the interests of the players first. After all, they are the reason for the existence of Casinostats. With us, you won't find a list of casinos that pay us the highest compensation. Our opinion on the casinos is based on thorough research and complex numerical analysis. Because for us not only the playing experience is central, but also the safety of the players. And that every day.

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Choosing a good online casino is not a simple task. There are hundreds of casinos and a lot of factors to take into account. The fact that these factors are hard to find out makes it even more complicated or time-consuming. And yet it is really important because there are dozens of malicious playing websites out there on the internet. will guide you in your search for the best online casino. Our team of experts has screened many online casinos thoroughly for you and we won’t promote any rogue casino. On top of that, personal preferences are important too. That is why we have extensive filter options on our website. With those, you can filter our casino database by many properties, like available languages, favorite games or specific payment methods.

We have taken the factors that are important to everyone into account in a general score. This figure is based on the factors below:


The number of complaints and reports about a gaming website has a decisive factor, but maybe compensated by positive responses. On the other hand, unresolved complaints will not be good for the reputation of the gaming website.

Age of the casino

New casinos don’t get the benefit of the doubt at Casinostats. On the contrary, because we know that many new casinos have start-up issues and that it is much more difficult to form a representative picture of their reliability, we are not really fond of them. That’s why Casinostats rewards those who have earned their stripes.

The scale of the casino

We know from experience that smaller casinos are more often confronted with liquidity problems. When paying out high outliers, they soon reach their limits, which means that the payout periods increase considerably. That is why the scale of the gaming website, just like the available capital in the company, influences the score.


In some countries, online casinos must comply with a number of strict rules. Those rules are meant to protect the online players, for example by guaranteeing a minimum loss of time or by protecting players from gambling addictions. Most of these licenses are good news for players. However, we know that some licenses are a joke. In our score, we take the licenses of a casino has and their reliability into account.

The small print

When you sign up at an online casino, you agree to the terms and conditions and the privacy terms. Hardly any player reads this fine print, but our experts do. Because we know that they are often the packaging of unpleasant surprises that you only discover when you end up in a discussion. One of the things that we take into account, for example, is the withdrawal limits. After all, it’s not OK that you win a huge amount of money but then are confronted with limited monthly withdrawal options.

Support possibilities

Customer centricity is very important within the online casino industry. We perform live customer support tests, measure availability, map the language skills and also include the number of different support channels in our assessment.

The higher the score, the better the online casino scores in our opinion. If we think a casino can’t be trusted or does not live up to our standards of fair play, we’ll blacklist this casino. We won’t remove the casino from our database, but make sure that it is clear to anyone why we blacklisted the casino. By doing so, we encourage casinos to choose the right path.