Maxing the Multipliers: Crazy Time Top Slot

Casinostats Team
Top Slot remains one of the most popular features of Evolution’s Crazy Time live game show. It’s worth understanding how it works, as it ushers in opportunities for big time cash outs.

Crazy Time Top Slot: A Deep Dive Into Maxing the Multipliers

The Crazy Time live dealer game show harbors an interesting feature known as Top Slot. Basically, it’s an extra wheel above the main Big Wheel. The Top Slot wheel spins alongside the main wheel for a chance for players to land multipliers.

If you’re going to play the Crazy Time game, it helps to fully grasp the facts about the Top Slot feature. Let’s check them out.

Facts About Crazy Time Top Slot

Below are facts about Crazy Time’s Top Slot multiplier wheel:

  • The Top Slot is located above the main Crazy Time wheel.
  • It’s a slot-machine style spinner, consisting of two reels, one for numbers and the other for multipliers.

  • It spins at the same time as the Big Wheel at the start of each game round.

  • The multipliers typically in the Top Slot wheel usually range from 2x to 50x.

  • The exact multiplier amount you get will depend on the game's rules of your selected casino.

  • If the Top Slot multipliers align with a number or a bonus game segment on the Big wheel, the bet on that outcome is multiplied accordingly.

  • Just like the main wheel, the outcome of the Top Slot is random.
  • A multiplier from the Top Slot will only apply if the Big wheel also lands on the same segment. Therefore, seeing a high multiplier doesn't guarantee that it will come into play.

  • Each spin of the Top Slot and the main wheel is independent of the previous or future spins.

Opinions About Crazy Time Slot

Multipliers significantly increase payout abouts, making casino gaming more exciting. As a result, the Top Slot wheel in the Crazy Time game is a welcome feature. However, as a player, still know that the outcome is based on luck.

As a personal opinion, you shouldn’t let the Top Slot influence your strategy. The Top Slot isn’t an optional feature, so you can’t choose or not choose it. It spins automatically with the main wheel as the game begins.

So, play the game as if the feature wasn’t included. At the end of the day, the Top Slot only benefits you if the main wheel is a match. If you’re lucky and the Top Slot hits a match, then grab your multiplied winnings.

Bottom Line

In summary, the Top Slot can make the game more engaging and offers the chance for increased payouts. However, it doesn't change the fundamental nature of Crazy Time as a game of chance with a house edge. Always gamble responsibly.