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Ijeoma EstherIjeoma Esther - Stats specialist
Sep 08, 2023

Go Big or Go Home

Examining the Average Bets Placed and Tactics Employed By High Rollers for Crazy Time Success

Looking to step up your Crazy Time adventure by becoming a high roller? If yes, stay tuned as this article details betting strategies to implement for sky-high payouts!

Since its 2020 introduction, Evolution Gaming's Crazy Time has amassed quite a following

Since its 2020 introduction, Evolution Gaming's Crazy Time has amassed quite a following for its colorful and rewarding attributes. This game of chance features a large wheel hosting numbers and four bonus rounds. The goal of gameplay is straightforward — bet on a wheel segment, and if your prediction is correct, you win!

Are you a high roller seeking huge payouts on Crazy Time but afraid to make the move?

You're in luck, as this article covers tested and proven Crazy Time strategies that'll increase your winning chances during gameplay. Let's dive in!


If you're a high roller dabbling into Crazy Time for massive payouts, here are some facts you should know:

  • Crazy Time has a 96.08% RTP. Bet amounts range from $0.10 to $5,000. During gameplay, you can get multiplier wins reaching 25,000x your stake.
  • Despite Crazy Time's high payout potential, high rollers must note that a Random Number Generator (RNG) determines outcomes. As such, you must understand the game's basics to make informed bets that'll translate into substantial winning combinations.
  • Although Crazy Time's wheel boasts 54 segments, the areas featuring any of the four bonus rounds — Cash Hunt (12,500x max payout), Coin Flip (5,000x max payout), Pachinko (10,000x max payout), and Crazy Time (20,000x max payout) — are critical to high-rolling players because they issue the highest winning margins.
  • But before betting on any bonus round, it's essential to ascertain their trigger frequency. Here's some context: Coin Flip has four wheel segments, resulting in a 7.41% hit frequency; Cash Hunt and Pachinko have two sections each, translating to a 3.70% trigger frequency, respectively; Crazy Time has just one wheel segment, giving off a 1.85% activation frequency.
  • During Crazy Time gameplay, you'll make losses — remember, the house always wins! Rather than betting haphazardly and squandering what's left of your buff bankroll, consider any of these two techniques.
  • The first is called the Martingale and involves betting on all four bonus rounds. If none hits at first, you'll double your wager on each until you activate a bonus game. The second technique is called the Probabilistic strategy and revolves around gauging previous outcomes to make bets based on prevailing patterns.

Opinion: High Roller Bets and Strategies on Crazy Time

The average bet for high rollers is anywhere from $50 to $5,000, values available on Crazy Time. But regardless of how much you've got in your account, apply restraint when you make losses. If you don't, you'll keep betting until the "insufficient funds" notification hits your screen. Our advice? Create a budget and stick to it. While using budgeted funds, apply the Martingale or Probabilistic strategy. However, note that each technique has its advantages and disadvantages.

Bottom Line

As a high roller playing Crazy Time, your success rests on understanding the game's mechanics, creating a set budget, and using the betting systems we've highlighted. Remember that nothing's guaranteed, as Crazy Time remains a game of chance. So, while you have fun and seek the highest possible multipliers, endeavor to gamble responsibly!