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Casinostats Team
Sep 07, 2023

Bonus Round Rundown: Which Crazy Time Games Offer the Best Bang for Your Buck?

Crazy Time Games: Gauging Featured Bonus Rounds and Their Win Potential

Crazy Time is a colorful game show that injects further excitement via four unique bonus rounds. But what variation offers immense value for your money? Find out in this revealing piece!

Underpinning Evolution Gaming's Success

Underpinning Evolution Gaming's successful Dream Catcher game, Crazy Time delivers exciting and rewarding gameplay with four bonus rounds — Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Crazy Time. Albeit impressive, what variants are worth the wager? This piece explores the peculiarities of these bonuses to deliver a verdict.


Here are some things you must understand about the bonus games featured in Crazy Time:

  • The Cash Hunt bonus round is a shooting gallery-styled game featuring 108 multipliers subsequently masked by random symbols. These multipliers are automatically shuffled for a brief period. Afterward, players aim and shoot at any icon. Once you take a shot, you'll win the multiplier (12,500x maximum) uncovered when the timer elapses.
  • The Coin Flip bonus game is a digitized coin flip showcasing a coin with a red and blue side. Before tossing the coin, the game generates multipliers (maxing out at 5,000x) for both sides. You'll win the multiplier value of the side that lands facing up.
  • The Pachinko bonus game fields a huge wall with multiple pegs. Here, the dealer drops an illuminated puck, and gamers will get the multiplier value on its final landing spot. If the puck falls in the DOUBLE segment, featured multipliers become twice their preset values and can reach a maximum of 10,000x.
  • Before the Crazy Time bonus game starts, you must choose a flapper. Then, the presenter hits a red button to spin the wheel. Once it stops, you'll get the multiplier your choice flapper points towards. If a flapper lands on "DOUBLE" or "TRIPLE," its multiplier will double or triple. The wheel keeps spinning till it hosts a maximum multiplier value of 20,000x.

Opinion: What Crazy Time Bonus Round Delivers the Most Value for Money?

While the Crazy Time bonus game is the most incentivizing based on its 20,000x max multiplier value, the talk about what bonus round delivers the best value for money has no definite answer. Why? These bonus games have distinct activation possibilities. Here's some context:

Bonus GameNumber of Wheel Segments (Out of 54)Trigger Probability (%)
Cash Hunt23.70%
Coin Flip47.41%
Crazy Time11.85%

The above table shows that while Crazy Time features the highest multiplier value, activating the round is a rarity. To make the most of your wager in the long run, the Coin Flip (7.41% trigger probability) should be your go-to. If you feel its maximum payout (5,000x) is a tad low, you can occasionally increase your risk with the Cash Hunt and Pachinko games for rewards reaching 12,500x and 10,000x, respectively. Still considering the Crazy Time bonus? If yes, wager the lowest amount on it and consider increasing your stake on bonus alternatives with higher activation possibilities.

Bottom Line

Crazy Time has become increasingly popular for its bonus games. However, getting a hold of their trigger possibilities is crucial to maximize your wagers. While this recommendation doesn't warrant 100% success, choosing a bonus game with higher activation frequencies increases your chances of triggering it and receiving decent to sky-high winnings.