Spin to Win: The Allure of Crazy Time

Casinostats Team
Crazy Time remains one of the most popular Big Wheel live dealer games. Accurately predict where the spin will land, and you win big prizes.

Crazy Time in Online Casino: The Spin to Win Allure

Interested in spinning the Big Wheel of the Crazy Time game with a chance to win? Well, many other iGaming enthusiasts want to do the same. However, before you join the live dealer game show, the facts and opinions below add context to what to expect.

Facts About Crazy Time

Crazy Time comes off the stables of Evolution Gaming, a top live dealer provider. It’s popular among casino fans thanks to its allure and simple gameplay. Here are some facts about the game to know:

  • Crazy Time features a spinning wheel as its main element. It’s a large wheel with 54 segments, each offering different rewards and multipliers.

  • 50 of the segments on the wheel feature numbers, while the remaining four are bonus round segments.

  • The bonus round segments include "Coin Flip," "Pachinko," "Cash Hunt," and "Crazy Time."

  • Payout varies for each segment, from 1:1 to up to 20,000x your wager in bonus rounds.

  • Crazy Time has a Top Slot that works as a multiplier. The slot spins before the wheel to potentially add a multiplier to a particular segment — number or bonus round.

  • Players in the live dealer game can interact with the host and chat with each other in real time.

  • An unlimited number of players can join the game show.
  • Crazy Time welcomes many betting options, meaning both low-stakes and high-stakes gamers can play.

Opinion on Crazy Time

Crazy Time offers a worthwhile gaming time for players seeking interactive games. Indeed, the live dealer game is worth playing, especially because you have various ways to win. However, the major drawback is the house edge, which puts you at a disadvantage from the onset.

So, while it’s possible to win while playing Crazy Time, you don’t benefit when you play long-term. Based on personal opinion, it’s better to game for short periods and cash out once you make significant winnings. Particularly, you make big wins when you land a high multiplier in a bonus round — so that should be your target.

Before you start playing, make sure you specify your budget. Decide how much you’ll wager for each round, and don’t exceed it. You don’t want to chase losses while playing Crazy Time due to the house edge.

Another big tip if you want to spin to win is to diversify your bet. As stated earlier, the target is to land high multipliers so you make big wins. By diversifying your bet, you increase the possibility of hitting an outcome. Also, you want to maximize your short-term winning chances.

Bottom Line

Crazy Time by Evolution is a favorite for many live casino fans, and the facts in this article explain why. The game has various winning options with several bonus round segments. Also, it accommodates unlimited players.

However, as discussed in the opinion section, don’t get carried away by the allure of Crazy Time. The game has a house edge, so place bets wisely. Notably, target short-term wins and avoid playing consistently for a long time.