RTP 96.38%
Wanted Dead or a Wild

Wanted Dead or a Wild

Bet$0.2 - $100
RTP 96.7%
Razor Shark

Razor Shark

Bet$0.1 - $100
RTP 96.71%
Floating Dragon Hold and Spin

Floating Dragon Hold and Spin

Bet$0.1 - $250
RTP 96.5%
Gates of Olympus

Gates of Olympus

Bet$0.2 - $100
RTP 96.7%
Viking Runecraft

Viking Runecraft

Bet$0.1 - $100
RTP 96.86%
Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance

Bet$0.3 - $30
RTP 98.1%
Gold Rush (Habanero)

Gold Rush (Habanero)

RTP 96%
Gonzo's Quest

Gonzo's Quest

Bet$20 - $100
RTP 96.33%


Bet$10 - $100
RTP 97.14%
Spin Sorceress

Spin Sorceress

Bet$0.25 - $25
RTP 96.1%
Vikings Go Berzerk

Vikings Go Berzerk

Bet$0.1 - $125
RTP 96.6%
Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune

Bet$25 - $100
RTP 96.56%
Mermaids Millions

Mermaids Millions

Bet$0.3 - $120
RTP 97%
Gorilla Gold Megaways

Gorilla Gold Megaways

RTP 98.83%
Pixies of the Forest II

Pixies of the Forest II

RTP 96.3%
Jackpot Raiders

Jackpot Raiders

Bet$0.1 - $40
RTP 96.05%
Vegas Nights

Vegas Nights

Bet$0.25 - $125
RTP 96%
Bonanza Megaways

Bonanza Megaways

Bet$0.2 - $20

Unleash the Fun With Free Online Slots - No Deposit or Download

The most comprehensive catalogue of exciting free and demo online slots – no real-money deposits or downloads required!

Dive Into Our Vast Selection of Free Slot Games

Slots are one of the most famous casino game genres. They come in diverse colourful themes, immersive graphics, enticing bonus features, and captivating soundtracks. You can even play several hundred of them for free. If you're searching for a platform to gamble on exciting slots without spending and losing your money, you've come to the right place. At Slots Temple, you can access the internet's most extensive collection of free slots. Our games feature an unending variety of themes, special effects, and bonus rounds to guarantee riveting and rewarding gameplay. We also continually update our catalogue with thrilling new releases, so you'll never run out of opportunities to have fun.

Explore a Huge Variety of Free Slots

We're not the only website offering free slots; however, we feature an assortment of games unmatched by the competition. Whether you're a fan of classic 3-reel and 5-reel slots or modern 3D video slots, you'll find an infinite diversity on our website to cater to your needs.

We also put in the effort to host games from numerous iGaming developers so that you can enjoy different themes, gameplay features, and bonuses. You can also dive into our in-depth reviews of each game to know what to expect and discover helpful tips to win and have a swell time with our immense collection of free slots.

Explore a Huge Variety of Free Slots

We're not the only website offering free slots; however, we feature an assortment of games unmatched by the competition. Whether you're a fan of classic 3-reel and 5-reel slots or modern 3D video slots, you'll find an infinite diversity on our website to cater to your needs.

We also put in the effort to host games from numerous iGaming developers so that you can enjoy different themes, gameplay features, and bonuses. You can also dive into our in-depth reviews of each game to know what to expect and discover helpful tips to win and have a swell time with our immense collection of free slots.

Play Responsibly and Safely

Gambling can be an entertaining and immersive activity. However, it's also pretty addictive and could cause participants severe financial losses if they cannot curb their wagering habits. Given the disadvantages of compulsive wagering, we recommend using the tools on our player protection page to restrict your betting activities and keep them within safe limits. You should also take personal steps to manage the time and money you spend at any gambling website, including ours.

Starting Your Free Slots Journey at Slots Temple

As a new player on our website, we want to make your gambling experience as seamless as possible. You can dive into wagering and winning on your favourite slots in five easy steps – no need for registration or deposits. Here's how you can get started:
  1. Go to the Free Slots page on our website to find thousands of the best collections of free slots online.
  2. Scroll through our collection to explore the games in our lobby, or use the Search feature to find your favourite game within seconds.
  3. You can also filter games by developer or theme in case you prefer specific types of slots.
  4. Use the New to Old filter to organize games from new releases to classic titles. Explore new and exclusive games that guarantee immersive entertainment unlike what you're used to.
  5. Once you find the title you want to play, click on it to visit the game page, where you'll find an extensive review of what to expect and how to play and then dive into a thrilling gameplay experience with one click.

Travel Through the Rich History of Slots

Slots are one of the oldest genres of casino games. From the days of slot machines at brick-and-mortar, gamblers have enjoyed spinning the reels on their favourite games for a chance at massive cash-outs. Today, online slots have brought the captivating experience of land-based casinos to our mobile phone screens. However, the history of slots dates far beyond traditional brick-and-mortar game machines and 3D video slots. To help you appreciate these cherished games even more, let's explore the history of slots right from their humble beginnings.

The Early Beginnings of Slots

The invention of the first slot machine goes as far as 1891 when Sittman and Pitt – a Brooklyn-based firm – created a coin-operated gambling machine that featured playing cards and five mechanical drums. It's widely touted as the first coin-operated game to gain widespread fame across America.

The Iconic Liberty Bell

Four years later, a San Francisco-based businessman, Charles Augustus Fey, created a lottery machine that automatically delivered prizes to gamblers. The automated payout feature of Charles Fey's lottery machines was a significant improvement from the card gambling machines of his day, which required players to claim their rewards from the bartender.

Alongside reinventing the payout model, Fey replaced the cards with symbols of fruits and bells. He also named his slot machine the Liberty Bell (Although it was initially called the Card Bell). Despite originally refusing to sell his invention, Charles Fey's Liberty Bell grew immensely popular, and several other slot machine developers copied and mass-produced his model.

The Revolution Of Electromechanical Slot Machines

Several decades of invention eventually led to the creation of the first electromechanical slot machine in 1964. The game, called Money Honey, was developed by Bally – one of America's leading iGaming developers. It was the first slot machine to display game results using on-screen graphics.

When Video Slots Lit Up Las Vegas

As technology evolved, iGaming developers found more creative ways to improve on already-existing slot machines. Within ten years of Bally's electromechanical slots, Fortune Coin created the first video slot using a 19-inch Sony TV. The game proved an instant hit and quickly earned the approval of the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Soon enough, Fortune Coin's video slot flooded casinos across Las Vegas. With the success of its video slots, Fortune Coin was eventually acquired by world-renowned iGaming developer, IGT. As the years passed, game developers found new and exciting ways to improve slots, including adding bonus features (such as free spins).

Welcome to the Era of Progressive Jackpots

Bonus features and innovative displays weren't the only creative additions developers added to slots. They also improved the reward systems by including massive payouts through progressive jackpots. Interestingly, gamblers could win these mind-blowing monetary prizes with just a few cents.

Las Vegas casinos were among the gambling establishments that featured the first million-dollar jackpot slots, and other casinos worldwide followed suit as progressive slots grew in popularity. Today, online progressive jackpots are among the most popular types of slots.

The Exciting Emergence of Video Slots

The creation of the internet led to the advent of online slots. As the world shifted to the digital age, casino game providers shifted from their land-based offerings to virtual slots. These online games came with a random number generator and could be downloaded on computer devices. New and innovative developers also entered the market around the 1990s and 2000s. Two notable brands that were established around this period are Microgaming and Evolution Gaming.

Groundbreaking Online Slots That Changed the Game

Like their brick-and-mortar counterparts, online slots also experienced several revolutionary developments. More new developers entered the gambling scene and created HD video slots that offered gamblers unparalleled excitement.

Two revolutionary titles that have stood out since they first hit the market are Microgaming's 5-reel Mega Moolah and NetEnt's Gonzo's Quest (released in 2006 and 2011, respectively). Gonzo's Quest is particularly famous for pioneering the Avalanche Reels feature that several iGaming developers continue to copy today.

The Ingenious Minds Behind the Games: Top Slot Makers

iGaming developers aren't in short supply in the mobile casino game industry. With tons of different brands already existing and several others diving into the market yearly, the competition in the iGaming scene is quite rife.

This stiff competition means iGaming developers are constantly searching for exciting ways to earn the attention of millions of gamblers worldwide, with casino games featuring innovative capabilities and themes popping up daily.

For instance, NetEnt has developed virtual reality versions of some of its most popular titles, such as James and the Beanstalk and Gonzo's Quest, to create a more immersive gambling experience for players.

The Future of Slots Machines: What's Next?

Innovation is a core part of the iGaming industry. Since the creation of the first coin-operated slot machines, casino game providers have found new ways to transform how we play slots. With the massive technological advancements of the modern day, we're set to witness even more creative inventions among iGaming developers.

3D slots are already a standard in the mobile casino scene, and virtual reality slots seem like the next significant innovation in the industry. As we've mentioned earlier, some developers, like NetEnt, are already exploring VR slots, and the growth of VR casinos will increase the number of iGaming providers that offer these games. For slot lovers worldwide, there's an exciting future in view for their favourite games.

Master the Art: How to Play Free Slot Demos at Our Online Casino

You can play most real-money slots in demo mode. These games have the same bonus rounds, volatility, and features as the actual game. As such, you can get a taste of what to expect from the real-money version without risking your money.

Most slot providers offer free spin bonuses to enable you to play these games. You can receive up to 1000 free spins, depending on the game and developer. Some top-rated game providers that offer slot demos include NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT, and BetSoft.

Smart Budgeting for Online Slots

Similar to playing real-money slots, some valuable tips can help you keep your wagering within safe limits. Here are some recommendations to keep in mind as you wager on free-play slots:
  • Determine your budget before you start playing. If you typically play real-money slots with a specific amount, maintain that exact figure with demo slots.
  • Use the same gameplay pace you utilize for actual slots. Don't exceed your safe limits because no-deposit slots are free games with thousands of bonus spins.
  • Most demo slots feature an autoplay menu to set loss, deposit, and win limits. Use these tools to restrict your wagering activities throughout your session on demo slots.

Things to Keep in Mind When Playing Slots

Based on decades of experience with online slots, we recommend playing around 200 rounds of a demo slot before wagering on the real-money version. With hundreds of rounds under your belt, you have enough experience and understanding of how the game works and can easily navigate the real-money version to reap massive wins. However, there are some other factors that determine if a game is worth your money. Some of the most vital ones include:

Consider the Graphics and Theme

Slot developers create games with varying innovative graphics and themes. You'll often find games tailored after ancient mythologies, blockbuster movies, famous fairy tales, and top-rated celebrities. The idea behind these colourful themes and graphic displays is to immerse players in the game from the start. Based on this fact, if you aren't hooked on a game's graphics from the get-go, it's probably not worth your time or money.

Understanding Bet Sizes

Slots typically feature bet sizes that range from some cents to around $100. If you're a low-roller, you obviously prefer to get started with a couple of cents. On the other hand, most high-rollers can wager tens and hundreds of dollars per spin, depending on the game's maximum bet amount.

We'd recommend checking a game's bet size before you begin wagering. If you prefer starting with a few cents and a game's minimum bet amount is $5, you should move on to the next game.

Decoding the Hit Frequency

Hit frequency refers to how often a slot machine can deliver a win, and it's tied to the game's volatility. Typically, low-volatility games have a higher hit frequency but tend to pay lesser amounts. In contrast, high-volatility games pay larger amounts, but you'll likely win less frequently.

Hit frequency is often calculated by a random number generator. However, it often helps to monitor the frequency of your wins as you play any demo slot. You don't want to play a game where you have to go through several spins before landing a hit.

Navigating the Bonuses

Bonus rounds are a core part of slots. They often involve pausing the actual game and engaging you in some other one-time activity (such as spinning a wheel) to get free spins, respins, or cash bonuses. Some games even have bonus rounds that offer higher payouts than in-game rewards.

You can trigger these rounds by hitting specific symbols (wilds or scatters) during the gameplay. That said, slot bonus rounds don't occur often. While playing a demo game, you should monitor how long it takes to hit a bonus round. This way, you'll know what to expect with the real-money version.

Experience Free Mobile Slots on the Go

Mobile casinos have revolutionized the gambling scene. Everyone owns a mobile device these days, and we take them everywhere. As such, we can play our favourite casino games whenever we want – while commuting, during our lunch breaks, or before dinner. At Slots Temple, all our free slots are available as mobile games. You can enjoy them on your mobile device even without downloading them. We've also ensured our website is as mobile-friendly as possible so you won't struggle to navigate the web pages and find your favourite titles.

Enjoy Slots on Your Android Device

All our mobile slots are adapted for Android devices, so you can easily enjoy them on your Android smartphone. The best part? You can play these games without downloading them on your device. Simply open our Free Slots page, and take your pick of 12,000 slots to play on your Android mobile phone.

Discover Our Recent Rave Reviews

We're not just saying that we offer the best and most comprehensive selection of free slots on the internet for the sake of it; we make this claim from thousands of reviews from our loyal clientele. Still in doubt whether we offer the collection of demo slots to satisfy your needs? Dive into our customer reviews to discover client validations of our services.

Experience Superior Gaming on iPhone Slots

We don't cater to Android users alone; we also offer thousands of immersive slots you can play on your iPhone. Whether you prefer 3-reel or 3D video slots, we've got several options on our Free Slots page that are specifically adapted to iOS devices.

Discover the Different Types of Slots

Slots come in diverse varieties, and you'll have access to every version available at Slots Temple. We know gamblers have different tastes, so we've stacked a catalogue of games to comprehensively cater to your needs. Here are the games you can expect at our lobby:
  • Classic slots
  • 3D slots
  • Progressive jackpots
  • Multi Pauline slots
  • Megaways
  • Fruity slots
  • Aztec slots
  • Free spin slots
  • 5-reel slots
Alongside offering an extensive selection of games, we've also made it easy to find your preferred titles. You can filter games by iGaming provider, bonus feature, casino, or theme. There's also a search feature to help you locate a specific game within seconds.

Testing the Waters: Play Demo Slots to Try Bonus Features

One significant benefit of demo slots is that they allow you to test bonus features for free before wagering on the real-money version of the games. If you fancy a specific game but would like a risk-free trial of the bonus rounds, our demo slots are your go-to option for some exciting game-time without losing your money. You can get a hint of how long it'll take to hit the required symbols for the bonus round and determine if you want to take up the challenge with the real-money version.

Go Big With Progressive Jackpot Slots

You can win several hundred dollars with standard slots. However, progressive jackpots give you an opportunity to be an instant millionaire. At Slots Temple, you can play demo versions of every kind of progressive jackpot imaginable to broaden your wagering skills and prepare yourself for the real-money game.

Our selection consists of the best progressive jackpots around, with prize pools running into millions. Some of our top titles include:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Major Millions
  • Mega Fortune
  • Arabian Nights
  • Jackpot Giant
  • Hall of Gods
  • Mega Fortune Dreams
  • King Cashalot

Land-based Casinos: the Classics Never Fade

Online casinos may have taken over the casino world, but some of us are still drawn to the classic games that filled brick-and-mortar halls. Fortunately, some of these traditional titles have found their way to our mobile phone screens, and you can enjoy hundreds of them at Slots Temple.

Experience Fun Vegas-style Slots

Who said you must travel to Vegas to experience the famed gambling city? Our collection of games includes an immense variety of Vegas-themed slots to bring the City of Light to your home via your mobile phone or computer screen. Some famous Vegas slots you can enjoy on our website include:

  • Raging Rhino
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Rainbow Riches
  • Cleopatra
  • Bier Haus
  • Wolf Run

Explore By Slot Themes

We've categorized our slots according to prominent themes so you can find the best titles under your favourite category. At Slots Temple, you'll have access to slots under the following themes:

  • Fruit
  • Oriental
  • Animals
  • Aztec
  • Retro
  • Fantasy
  • Action and Adventure
  • Magic
  • Nature
  • Jewels
  • Mythology
  • Ancient Egypt
  • History
  • Gold
  • Halloween
  • Space
  • Wild West
  • Dragons
  • Irish
  • Ancient Greece
  • Explorers
  • Gods
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Futuristic

Branded Slots: Your Favorite Brands in a New Light

Explore slots based on your favourite TV shows, comic books, music stars, video game characters, and blockbuster movies with our in-depth compilation of games. From the Motley Crue to Lara Croft in Tomb Raider and Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders, you can experience your favourite stars within slot machines in a way you've never done before. Here's a short list of some of our branded slots at Slots Temple:

  • Music – Motley Crue, Michael Johnson: King of Pop, Punk Rocker
  • Comic Books and Superheroes – Batman Begins, Superman The Movie, Suicide Squad, ThunderCats
  • TV and Movies – The Godfather, Peaky Blinders, Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs, Rick and Morty Megaways
  • Video Games – Resident Evil, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot, Cash Commander

Browse Slots By Exciting Features

Alongside branded games, we've categorized slots according to their exciting features. From Megaways to Infinireels, you can find several immersive slots with mind-blowing features for an unparalleled gambling experience. Here are some features you can look forward to on our demo slots:

  • Hold and Win Respins
  • Clusters
  • Free Spins
  • Infinireels
  • Megaways
  • Reel Modifiers
  • Slots With Bonus Meters
  • Multi-Level Bonus

Stay Up-to-date With New Slots Online

Top developers, like Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, and Red Tiger Gaming, release new slots every month. Our team constantly monitors these leading developers for new content, and you'll have access to all their new releases the moment they drop. Because we update our selection monthly and weekly, you can wager on around 1,000 new games within our lobbies. Aside from compiling these games for you to play, we also put together in-depth reviews to give you a hint of what to expect and let you know if they're worth your time and money.

The Top 10 Most Popular Free Slots at Slots Temple

Here are the top 10 free slots that await you at Slots Temple:

Jammin Jars

Jamming Jars is a high volatility slot with a pulsating soundtrack, immersive graphics laden with exciting dancing jars, and a bonus rainbow feature that guarantees exciting prizes. With a maximum win of 19,998.5x and a 96.83% RTP, this 8x8 grid slot offers the perfect gambling adventure for players seeking breathtaking gaming and the possibility of massive wins.


From the staples of IGT comes this Egyptian-themed slot based on Egypt's famed queen. Cleopatra is a 5-reel slot with 20 paylines and a dazzling collection of colours and Egyptian symbols. As a low-volatility game, you're guaranteed gaming sessions with frequent hits. You can even double your winnings once you hit the Cleopatra symbol.

Vikings Unleashed Megaways

What happens when you combine 117,649 paylines, a 96.50% RTP, Norse-themed graphics, and the possibility of winning 10,000x your initial wager? You'll get Vikings Unleashed Megaways! If you're in the mood for a Viking adventure, this 6-reel slot with its cascading reels, immersive graphics, and captivating bonus rounds will more than deliver the unparalleled non-stop action you're craving.

Fishing Frenzy

Experience blue waters on a warm summer afternoon as you plunge into the depths of Neptune for your next big catch. The only difference is, rather than a fishing hook and a boat at a lowland lake, you're exploring Davy Jones locker via this 2D slot with its ten paylines and 96.12% RTP. Combine multiple fishing symbols to land a win, plus the possibility of winning 2000x your max bet if you hit five pelicans – it's an adventure unlike any other.

Fat Rabbit

Fat Rabbit is a five-reel slot from Push Gaming with a pleasing farm aesthetic and delightful soundtrack that gets you hooked from the get-go. It also features a 96.25% RTP and 1000x top prize. Your aim throughout this game is quite simple – make the rabbit as fat as you can by hitting multiple winning combinations.

Eye of Horus

Another Egyptian-themed slot to make it to our list, Eye of Horus is a fan favourite for many reasons. First, it has a maximum payout of 10,000x your initial wager and a high RTP of over 96%. Secondly, the gameplay is relatively simple, and even the bonus rounds don't make things too complicated. Overall, it's the kind of 5-reel slot gamblers want on days when they're craving simple, seamless gaming with the guarantee of easy wins.


With Big Time Gaming's Bonanza, you're set for unrivalled adrenaline-filled gaming. Set against a rocky backdrop with waterfalls and mountains, this game features over 100,000 paylines, cascading reels, and numerous multipliers to guarantee that every gambling session is as rewarding as possible.

Book of Dead

One of those slots you'll find at almost every real-money casino, Rick Wilde and the Book of Dead is a high volatility slot from Play'n GO that's perfect for adventurous gamblers seeking a worthwhile challenge. Follow Rick Wilde's adventures through the tombs of Egypt, and combine varying Egyptian symbols (including the ancient God, Anubis) to land massive payouts. Plus, you can get ten free games and up to 200x your initial bet if you land three scatters across the reels.

The Goonies

Named after the iconic 80s children's film, The Goonies is a 5x3, 20-payline slot from Blueprint Gaming. Playing the game brings back several memories of the box office classic, with soundtracks and photographs from the original film making the gameplay even more exciting. Plus, with a 96% RTP and 500x top prize, you're guaranteed a rewarding wagering session.

Da Vinci Diamonds

IGT's Da Vinci Diamonds is one of the most popular slots in the mobile casino world. Why visit an art gallery when you can enjoy several of Da Vinci's famous artworks within this 5-reel classic? With 20 paylines and a unique tumbling reels feature to increase your winnings, you're in for hours of non-stop, action-packed excitement.

Experience the Best Slots from Renowned Software Providers

Our games at Slots Temple are developed by the best iGaming developers worldwide. We only want to offer you games that guarantee the best themes, rewarding bonus rounds, and a seamless experience on your mobile devices. Here are some of the top software providers featured on our website:


The iconic name behind classic titles such as Zulu Treasure and King Rameses Triple Shot, Ainsworth has kept mobile gamblers glued to their computer and smartphone screens for nearly 30 years. The company has a preference for innovative and immersive gaming – two critical features that have kept it relevant in the industry for decades.


4ThePlayer is a relatively new name in the mobile casino industry and the brain behind 3 Secret Cities and 2 Gods: Zeus Vs. Thor. With a player-centric approach to game development, its game selection consists of titles tailored to cater to the unique needs of its worldwide gambling audience.

Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming is one of the iGaming industry's major players, and the software provider has delivered several world-renowned titles since it entered the market in 2011. Some top-tier games from the staples of BTG include Danger High Voltage and Bonanza.

Blueprint Gaming

Blueprint Gaming has delivered unparalleled entertainment through sensational titles like The Goonies, Fishing Frenzy, and Eye of Horus. The company is also particularly famous for producing some of the best Megaways around, including a Megaways version of Fishing Frenzy with 15,625 paylines.

ELK Studios

The pioneer behind the famed Nitro Reels feature, ELK has catered to the unique needs of gamblers since 2013. The Swedish brand places a premium on creating games that deliver crisp and astonishing graphics paired with rewarding gambling features.


One of the most innovative brands in the iGaming scene, IGT's industry-leading games fill land-based and mobile casinos worldwide. Some fan favourites from this renowned software provider include Cleopatra, Wolf Run, and Treasures of Troy.


iSoftBet's game collection numbers over 400 titles, including iconic games like Aztec Gold Megaways and Beverly Hills 90210. From traditional slots to progressive jackpots, iSoftBet offers an unending variety of games with captivating concepts to keep gamblers consistently entertained.


Perhaps the world's most famous slot developer, Microgaming has thrilled gamblers for almost 30 years. You're not likely to find an online casino that doesn't have a Microgaming slot, especially world-famous games like Mega Moolah, Major Millions, Immortal Romance, and Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs.


The Swedish brand behind Gonzo's Quest and Dead or Alive, NetEnt is another iGaming developer with hundreds of titles that cover the gambling halls of land-based and mobile casinos across the globe. The company is also the pioneer of notable iGaming innovations, such as Infinireels and Cluster Pays.

Play'n GO

Another Swedish brand, Play'n GO has spearheaded innovation in the iGaming industry since 2005. The company's diverse variety of slots numbers over 300 games, with Rick Wilde and the Book of Dead forming a part of that vast collection.


Playtech's immense catalogue of games includes Jackpot Giant, Age of the Gods, Aquaman, and Age of Egypt. One of the world's largest iGaming companies, Playtech has 180 global licenses and is regulated across 30 jurisdictions.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play hasn't been around the iGaming scene for up to a decade, yet it's one of the industry's leading names. The brand's slot collection is already over 200 titles, and it continues to churn out new releases every month. Some fan favourites in its game catalogue include Wolf Gold, Sweet Bonanza, and Jurassic Giants.

Push Gaming

Established in 2010, Push Gaming is another mobile casino developer that has established itself as an industry leader within a short period. In barely over a decade, the iGaming software provider has thrilled gamblers with iconic titles like Jammin Jars and Fat Rabbit. Other notable games affiliated with the company included Mystery Museum and The Shadow Order.

Relax Gaming

Relax Gaming's casino platform (founded in 2015) is barely a decade old, but it has delivered some top-tier titles (such as Money Train and Temple Tumble) that gambling enthusiasts can't get over. The company's Silver Bullet service is further cementing its place as an industry leader.


The creators of Big Bad Wolf and Big Bad Wolf Megaways, QuickSpin is a Swedish iGaming development studio currently owned by Playtech. The brand was established to create innovative and high-quality player-centric slots that catered to every kind of gambler, and it has since fulfilled that promise with the 100+ slots released under its banner.


Established in 2012, Thunderkick sets itself apart as a casino software development studio that's all about creating games with bold, colourful, and exciting concepts. With famous titles like Midas Golden Touch and Dionysus Golden Feast, the award-winning company has stayed true to that ideal.

Online Slot Licensing and Regulation: Playing With Trust

Casino game licenses are among the most crucial features to consider before wagering on a specific title. These certifications validate that a game is unbiased and the developer isn't tilting results against you. If you're wondering how slots are regulated for fairness, we've written this in-depth section to answer all your questions. Let's dive in!

Understanding Video Slot Requirements

Online casino regulatory bodies require game developers to meet specific requirements before earning their licenses. Some of these prerequisites include:

  • Including a Random Number Generator (RNG) in the game software: Gambling regulatory bodies mandate iGaming developers to incorporate an RNG into their games to ensure that game outcomes are entirely random and players have equal probabilities of winning or losing. The random number generators of casino games are subject to regular checks by test agencies (such as eCOGRA) for legitimacy.
  • Publishing a return-to-player (RTP) percentage based on the game's RNG: Random number generators aren't only meant to ensure game results are unbiased and random; they're also programmed to ensure players receive a specific percentage of their wagers as winnings. This percentage is termed the return-to-player rate, and it's usually around 95%. Gambling regulatory commissions mandate game providers to publish their RTPs so players can know what to expect. If the published RTP differs from what's attainable within the game, the software developer could lose their license.

While these requirements are exhaustive, they're only the basics of what to look for in a video slot. However, it's best to always ensure that slots from a developer have a certified random number generator and published return-to-player percentage before wagering.

Know Your Online Gambling Regulators

Casino software developers must have operating licenses from a major regulator before offering iGaming services. If a game development studio doesn't have a valid certification, it cannot be trusted.

Key and Smaller Regulators in the Industry

Different casino regulatory bodies exist worldwide, some more strict than others. Ideally, it's best only to play slots licensed by the well-known and stringent licensing commissions.

These institutions don't bulge with their requirements and will strip software developers of their licenses if they fail to adhere to the necessary regulations.

Two major regulatory bodies that meet this criteria are the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. They're Europe-based regulatory commissions with comprehensive and non-negotiable prerequisites that game developers must follow to earn their licenses.

Some other trustworthy but smaller licensing commissions are the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and the Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation.

Role of Slots Testing Houses

Testing houses are the certification bodies that evaluate a software developer or casino's slots for fairness and regulatory compliance. Like casino regulatory bodies, these test agencies are numerous. However, some are more reputable than others. Here are the most trustworthy iGaming test agencies/auditors that offer certifications to software developers and casinos:

  • eCOGRA
  • iTech Labs
  • Gaming Labs International
  • Gaming Associates
  • BMM Compliance

Common Misconceptions About the Fairness of Slots

Slots enthusiasts often misjudge how slots work, primarily because they don't understand the mechanics behind the games and the fairness infrastructure put in place by developers. To ensure you aren't guilty of these misconceptions, we've clarified some of the most common slot myths in this section.

  • Slots are designed to have hot and cold cycles: Most slot players believe that developers write slot algorithms so that the games go through specific streaks where players win and cycles when they don't. However, this scenario isn't the case since game outcomes are based on chance due to an in-built random number generator. Slot RNGs ensure nothing that happens within the game follows a specific pattern.
  • Slots pay out more during specific times of the day: Another common misconception about slots is that they pay out more at certain times than others. Unfortunately, this claim isn't valid. As we've earlier stated, results on slot games are entirely random at every point during the day due to the presence of a random number generator.
  • Using the autoplay feature pays less than spinning the reels yourself: Whether you use the autoplay function or spin the reels on your own, the outcome will be based on chance because of the RNG algorithm.

Regulation Conclusion: Fairness Guaranteed

Slot developers and online casinos undergo in-depth licensing processes to certify their games and services. In fact, only a tiny fraction of slots/casinos online aren't licensed, and these entities are typically called out by customer reviews.

That said, you should always verify a software developer or casino's certification by cross-checking the license number on their website with the associated regulatory body before playing games. If the brand is legitimate, then you can expect unbiased outcomes while playing their games.

Your FAQs on Free Slots Answered

Can I Play Free Slots Online?

Yes, you can play slots for free at Slots Temple. We offer a vast collection of demo slots that don't require you to deposit, download, or create an account to play. You can utilize our selection of titles to get a feel of popular slots and sharpen your wagering skills before trying the real-money version. We even provide in-depth reviews of all our games to give you a hint of what you should consider trying.

Where Can I Play Free Demo Slots?

You can play free demo slots here at Slots Temple. We offer the most comprehensive collection of no-deposit slots on the internet, with 10,000+ games spread across different themes and software developers. We're also continuously improving our selection, so you'll encounter new titles from world-renowned developers every week.

What Is the Best Slots App?

You can play most mobile slots on your web browser without downloading them on your mobile device. All our slots at Slots Temple work this way. However, if you prefer wagering via an app, you can download the mobile apps of online casinos like 888casino and Zodiac Casino.

Are Slots Really Random?

Yes, results on slot games are entirely random. These games include a random number generator (RNG) that generates an uncoordinated sequence of numbers throughout the gameplay period to ensure fair game outcomes. As such, you don't have to worry that the game gives the house an unfair advantage.

How Do I Download Slots?

You'll need to find an online casino that offers a mobile app to download slots. If you intend to play free games, the casinos must also have provisions for demo slots. While most casinos offer a downloadable app, demo slots aren't a common feature among real-money casinos. Alternatively, you can play free slots from a dedicated demo slot website like Slots Temple.

Can I Play Slots Offline?

Virtually all slots run via a web browser or downloadable app. These entities require an internet connection to access them. As such, it's almost impossible to play demo slots offline. However, there are casinos with mobile apps that offer offline versions of free slots. Unfortunately, the game lobbies on these apps aren't as comprehensive as what you'll find on the online versions.

Can I Play Slots for Real Money?

Yes, you can play free slots and win real money. To do this, you need to find a casino that offers no deposit cash bonuses or free spins. Contrary to popular belief, these casinos aren't as scarce as you think. Once you find one and receive your bonus after registration, you can place free bets on games for real-money wins.

Can I Play Slots Like the Ones I've Played in Vegas?

Slots come in varying themes, and many versions exist that resemble traditional brick-and-mortar casino slots. If you want to enjoy the thrills of land-based casinos on your mobile phone screen, you can do so via immersive titles like Wheel of Fortune, Golden Goddess, Rainbow Riches, and Cleopatra.

Which Slots Payout the Most?

Slots have varying RTPs that determine their payout rates. Most slots have a standard RTP of 96%. However, you can find slots with payout percentages as high as 99%. Some examples of high RTP slots include Mega Joker (99%) and Blood Suckers (98%) from NetEnt and White Rabbit Megaways (97.77%) from Big Time Gaming.

What Is Slot Volatility?

Slot volatility is a term that explains the regularity of a slot's payout and the amount of the prizes. For instance, low-volatility slots tend to pay out often. However, the prizes are usually smaller. In contrast, high volatility slots pay out less frequently, but the rewards are more generous when they do.